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New Deer pupil numbers are as such, that we are required to have composite classes in school.  A composite class is where children of different ages and stages are taught in the same classroom.

Research suggests there is no difference between composite and straight classes in terms of academic performance. However, benefits relating to pupil independence, responsibility and learning habits have been highlighted. For example, younger children within a composite class generally try to copy older children in their learning and behaviours and older children enjoy leadership and mentoring opportunities which lift their self-esteem and confidence.  At New Deer we find that composite classes are more flexible; allow children to work at their own pace; offer a wider range of friendship opportunities; and encourage more co-operation and tolerance.

Please browse the photographs on our class pages which give you an idea of the range of learning styles catered for in our school.  We pride ourselves at New Deer in the range of experiences offered during the school day.

This year the classes and teaching staff are as follows

Primary 1/ 2 –  Miss Suzanne Munro

Primary 2/ 3 – Miss Adriana Sokolowska

Primary 3/ 4 – Miss Rachel Dow

Primary 5/ 6 – Mr Fergus Leitch

Primary 6/ 7 – Mrs Alison Baxter

We are well supported in class by Miss Baker and Mrs Linda Rettie, who each work part time as class teachers. Miss Baker and Mrs Rettie each deliver to their individual strengths in curricular areas such as French, Physical Education and Technology.

Mrs Carole Brook supports across many classes. Mrs Brooke is our Support for Learning teacher.